Monthly Archive: August 2008


The sun came out! unbelievable!!! we are in shock!We have been busy these past few days. Yesterday we had again a very lavish, super top-chic wedding and as I drunk my champagne and ate some shrimp I wondered why, oh… (READ MORE)


heads up!

Hello all… Im sorry my posts lately are a bit… telegram like… a few lines. STOP. Whatever happened to telegrams… they were fun to write and receive… I guess the email made them obsolete.Anyways, these past few days we’ve had… (READ MORE)



Look look! I was featured in a treasury…yaaaay me. It’s the centre of this handfelted brooch: Im a bit short for words today… I know, unbelievable! I have many things to do, many ideas in my head, and I have… (READ MORE)