Monthly Archive: November 2009

Caro’s Blanket

Not yet done… I still want to add some accents here and there, but what I was working on the other day , is this blanket for my sister. It’s 1,80m long and 1.50m wide. It’s not so much for… (READ MORE)

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Merry go round

Every month a group of 9 women crafters from around the world, answer one question giving interesting and variated answers bathed by their own cultural and geographical differences. This month’s question is:  “What is your purple cow?” The “purple cow”… (READ MORE)

Merry Go Round

Working with the patagonian wool – Trabajando con la lana patagónica

And I started to work with the wool I bought some days ago.  I even felted with cold water and almost no soap (warm water and soap are the basic elements needed for felting…and the wool obviously!) and the results… (READ MORE)

Argentina-Diario Patagónico, Fibre Art

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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Friends

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Friends, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. One of the reasons why I like coming back to my homeland, is because I get to see my friends. Friends have always been a sort of priority in my life…. (READ MORE)


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Turquoise glamour

It’s proven a bit difficult to explain to people here what it is that I do. When I mention “handmade felt” people stare at me as If I was talking about giving an elephant a pedicure… weird. So I explain…. (READ MORE)

Argentina-Diario Patagónico, Fibre Art

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Curious Nature

For a couple of months now, Charlotte and I have been talking about a photographic project collaboration. Although we are not proffessionals we like each others views through the lens. So, after Charlotte came up with a format, or a… (READ MORE)


Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Homeland

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Homeland, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. And this mosaic is of the place where I am right now. The ocean sort of defines our lives with the strong winds, the parrots flying overhead making noise at 4am… (READ MORE)


Patagonian Diary: local products and knowledge

2- A few days ago I went to an expo of local products. The idea is that producers can go and show what they have, sell and make some PR too. From culinary delicacies such as wild boar paté, walnuts,… (READ MORE)

Argentina-Diario Patagónico

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Patagonian Diary: Atardeceres

Atardeceres, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. 1- We left from Brussels on Tuesday with a 40minute delay which made me fear we would miss our flight connection. After we landed I rushed with a 3 yr old hanging in tow… (READ MORE)

Argentina-Diario Patagónico

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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Flying

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Flying, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. By the time most of you read this, I will be travelling to Brussels to get on a plane to Rome and then an overnight plane down to Buenos Aires. Rome-Buenos… (READ MORE)


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Felt United Exhibit

You must remember a post a few weeks ago about the Day of Felt and the Felt United group… well, after what was probably a huuuuuge amount of work, the gallery with all the submitted work is up. I invite… (READ MORE)

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Friday’s links on a Saturday…

I thought this was pretty cool and funny. I suppose all of us crafters and artisans can get carried away sometimes… Don’t forget to sign up for the newsletter! Top of the menu here on the right, drop your email! For… (READ MORE)


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