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Jump on our merry go round and join a group of artists/crafts-women as they link hands around the world and tell you a little about their lives and art. This month there wasn’t a question but an invitation to make… (READ MORE)

Merry Go Round


EverĀ  had those days in which everything seems to pile up? And all of a sudden you think….errrmmm how do I make it all happen in these few hours? Hmmmm…. Well, I’m off to Kim in a few hours to… (READ MORE)


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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: simplicity in yellow

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: simplicity in yellow, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. Spring. The simpler the flower, the happier it makes me. All the credit tp the photographers who took the pics. Click on the mosaic for a larger view. More… (READ MORE)



Setting the twist

This turned into these (scroll down) skeins over the weekend. They are now drying with some weight on them to set the twist. It’s cloudy outside but the breeze will do it’s trick. I don’t know if you can really… (READ MORE)

Fibre Art, Spinning

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Little birds

I have been asked to draw some little birds for posters and diplomas which will be used at an Ornithology Congress in June. Some time ago I drew a series of 13 tiles, which I hand painted in very vibrant… (READ MORE)


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As long as it’s sunny

I’m the kind of person that as soon as sees sun, MUST run outside. I feel like I am wasting my time if I stay indoors. Which, as you might imagine, didn’t make my life very easy when I had… (READ MORE)

Dyeing, Fibre Art, Spinning

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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Inspiring shapes

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Inspiring shapes, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. I’ve been researching a bit about this… inspiring shapes. I find seeds and fruits to have interesting patterns and shapes. Even a simple orange, something we are used to see… (READ MORE)


Studio progress

spring, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. Mr Husband keeps working hard on the studio and here you can find a rather funny account of the work until today. It’s sunny today, although not really warm yet, but I’m off to… (READ MORE)


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PDF files for downloading tutorials

It took me a while, but here are the PFD files, one in english and one in spanish, for the Woolly soap Tutorial.You can download them by clicking on the link (and if there is a problem let me know!… (READ MORE)

Felt, Fibre Art, tutorials


Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Things I feel like doing…

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Things I feel like doing…, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. Spring spring…. with only 6C and a very timid sun, we are already making plans. At this time of the year I really feel like walking in… (READ MORE)


The Blue

The Blue, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. How about this color for the future studio??? Outside color I mean… I need it to be bold…no beige here. As you see this subject has kinda taken over my life! I wanted… (READ MORE)


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studio update

studio5, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. Look look! Mr Husband (carrying out ” little one”) checking out his handywork. That will become my studio… all hand made. Hand carved with antique knives (no electric machine, Mr Husband’s muscle only!) out… (READ MORE)