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Natural Yellow dyes…

I haven’t done all the yellows I wanted to do, so it’s a work in progress. Im still waiting for the tanseys to flower. This year there seem to be none of them around. Maybe there is another dyer doing… (READ MORE)

Dyeing, Fibre Art

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yellow, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. I’ve been doing some yellow dyeing these days. The weather is super warm today (and yesterday) but I am aiming to have some results to show tomorrow here … if I don’t melt first… (READ MORE)


Merry Go Round

Every month a group of 11 crafts women from around the world, join to answer each in their own way, the same question. This month:We are following up on last months topic and out of those inspirational photos we all… (READ MORE)

Merry Go Round

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Picking up after the rain…

So many months wondering where the rain was… well, here it is. All at once! In the few dry spells during the day, I go out and prepare more dyes. It is now the time. Natural dyestuffs, flowers, leaves… they… (READ MORE)

Dyeing, Green Life

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A few interesting links…

…to read on a rainy sunday,  like the one we have in NL now. From the always very interesting Hand/Eye Magazine: –Paradoxes of Marketing Natural Dyes –Get Blue at home: Do it yourself Indigo –Walk the walk: where high design… (READ MORE)


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The experiments continue… I must say I was surprised to get so many hues of this fiery red Madder provides. The mordant agent as well as the material which was being dyed, provided the variations. This time it was almost… (READ MORE)

Dyeing, Fibre Art

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silent week…

I haven’t left… I’ve just had one of those weeks… But I do have some work to show for the time passed… Monday I started drawing with wool: Laying the lines that serve as contour and sketch for this blanket…. (READ MORE)


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I don’t want to bore you…

But I’m just so happy with all these colourful fruit! I just harvested these cherries. The other half I harvested, I already ate… one for me, one for the bowl 🙂 So you don’t think I’ve forgotten all about felt,… (READ MORE)

Felt, Green Life

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It is that time of the year again, albeit a bit later than usual, in which I just walk into the garden and see what there is… a few currants, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries… that will make a breakfast. Thanks to… (READ MORE)

Green Life

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