Art fair

I know it’s been a while, but I have been hard at work. In a few weeks, on June 5th, I will be taking part of a very prestigious Art Fair in our hometown. It’s a small town, but when it comes to art… well, we take things seriously here! Every year on a warm spring day, people come from far to see the latest art production of Limburg’s artisans showcased on this “Kunst Markt” (or “art market/fair”). I will be participating this year with my creations.

Of course I could have just decided to bring some of the staples of my Studio like the “Azul” line or some of the more commercial ones but always successful porcelain cups which are currently on sale in Manu Facta in Maastricht and in Galerie Kunstproeven in Stein (both NL). But instead I decided to bring to this Art fair, all new stuff. Why you ask? well… because apparently having little time wasn’t challenge enough. I needed to add some more excitement to my life!


All kidding aside, I had this idea in my head and I just needed to make it. Do you have that too? Sometimes ideas come in like a flood and I have to put them down on paper and/or clay to just get them out of my head because otherwise they will just take over my head. Art making is not for the weak!


So, I’m still in the preliminary stage… sketching and trying out. But soon things will pick up… they have to! I’m running out of time! So, stay tune and let me know what you think! It helps a lot to get some feedback!

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