Handfelted bags

Handfelted bags

Handfelted bags
Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita

These past days I’ve been on a felting spree. I needed a small handbag for myself and along the way I discovered a shape which I like, it’s comfortable and everything I need fits!

The first black one is the result of a scarf gone wrong. So I was left with a large piece of felted fabric which I turned into a bag (the white inside the flowers is wool where the black has been carved out). It’s irregular -not a perfect rectangle- has two straps and it is lined with a black and white polka dots cotton fabric.

The red one is handfelted with no seams. I wanted texture so I added some locks on the same red color. It’s really difficult to photograph red (at least for me) so one can not see the detail in the locks which have a little bit of silk. This one is staying with me. I used it yesterday all day and was surprised at how comfortable and big it actually is.

The small grey squarish one was the first one I made. It is small and on purpose like that. Also felted with no seams, so they are super strong.

Lastly, another round grey one. The handles are flat, not a coil like the red one. It’s simple, has no embellishments, but sometimes that is better, right.

I’m now going to try and experiment with some pattern and texture. I bought from Monika‘s Soft Fiber etsy shop, a sample pack with lots of beautiful fibers I’m dying to try… so enough internet, to work.

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