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I’m an artisan. A ceramist and doodle maker in Limburg, NL… but with roots in the Argentinian Patagonia.

A ceramist since early childhood. I like making wonky, usefull everyday object.
A doodler. Pen and paper come with me everywhere … I like letters and birds and flowers and making patterns with them too!
I’m a Mom to two. Wife to just one (Quite enough!), the reason of my migration from the south to the north.

I’m a traveller. I’m a nature wanderer. Not afraid to get muddy and cold, just to come in and enjoy warmth and food! Especially if it is with friends.
I’m a book lover. Paper books. Love the smell, to write on them, to carry them around. And of course immerse myself in stories.

Florcita means “little flower” in Spanish, and it has been my nickname for ever. My ceramic pieces have always been signed with a  little flower, so it stuck!
I combine different techniques: ceramics and doodle drawing being the main, but I also work with textiles doing hand dyeing, spinning, felting, weaving, knitting…

*If you are interested in purchasing what I make in ceramics or paper, you can visit my little corner on etsy 
* My items are sold in the Kunstproeven Galerie in Stein, NL.
*Soon in Maastricht too!

*Or just simply contact me at: info@florcita.eu

KvK num 58517103

Soy artesana, madre, esposa, hija, hermana, amiga. Compradora compulsiva de libros, lectora fanática, trotamundos y una persona muy curiosa.

Soy Argentina pero hace ya mas de una decada que vivo en Holanda adonde he formado mi familia.

Florcita ha sido mi sobrenombre toda mi vida. Mis piezas de cerámica siempre las firme con una florcita…asi que..quedó!

Si estás interesado en adquirir las cosas que yo hago, podes visitar mi tienda de Etsy para mis ceramicas y garabatos.|}
Sino, puedes contactarme via email: info@florcita.eu