Acuarelas –Aquarelle on ceramics

Acuarelas (spanish) for aquarelles or watercolor.
I am still preparing stuff for the first edition of the SUPERMARKET in Maastricht, The Netherlands, this sunday 29th of March. But I wanted to show you very quickly something new I am working on. It’s a tableware set decorated in a way that it looks like aquarelles. Those brush strokes and translucid properties of a good aquarelle or watercolor.

coastrs-bluex1000This coaster set will be coming with me to the market next sunday, but the rest is still in the works.

I have been testing too different shapes for coffee tumblers.

aquarelle-blueserviesx1000I have been a little sick with the flu this whole week… got it from my little ones! The weather isn’t helping much and it seems like the weather will be a little wet this sunday. But well… still, if you are in the neighbourhood, come say hi. There will be live music, a barista with excellent coffee, wood-oven baked pizzas made in situ and lots of handmade design. Really worth having your boots a bit wet!

Here you can see some of the necklaces, wish stones, more necklaces, tableware, tiles and new… paperware!!! (need to make good photos!). These all will be coming along with me to the Supermarket this Sunday!

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