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After posting about this enormous wrap “Desert Stripes”, some of you sent in questions about how the materials had been used.

I took some macro pics so maybe you could see the materials more clear.

desert stripes

-I didn’t use prefelts although that could have been a way to do it. This started almost 3m long and I would have needed a lot of prefelt in several colours for each stripe, which I don’t have- and didnt feel like making 🙂 So I just layed the wool in the regular felting fashion.

desert stripes macro gauze

-I used hand dyed cotton gauze for the backing. It just gives such a nice airy texture. You have to take in account that this type of fabric will stretch and move a bit. So don’t expect it all to stay in place… no matter how much you swear…in different languages too 🙂

-The idea was to sort of separate each stripe with an element (silk, linen, bamboo) in matching colours. This is some bamboo yarn I spun and dyed some time ago. Bamboo has this ability of creating the most beautiful meandering lines when felted.

-As to how to lay the silk, there are some tutorials right here.

So that was it. With macro photos you get to appreciate a bit more the textures each of these elements provide. And in the overall picture, the contrast between the mate wool and the shiny silk or bamboo just completes the whole wrap. Silk noil is really great for adding texture… bumpiness! Silk top makes it more… ethereal, diffused? And bamboo is always great for curvy, defined lines. Even if it hasn’t been spun.

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  1. riet baird

    a very nece learning expirience, thanks for sharing:)


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