Autumn is my favourite season of the year. Color pallette. Food. Comfort food! The amber tone of the sun.

I’m less crazy about how fast the light goes away in this season. But Autumn seems to be the time for yellows, ocres and reds that have to be enjoyed to the maximum without procastinating. It is now or never! The sun is weaker, days are shorter and rain reigns!

Nonetheless, autumn means a garden full of orange marigolds while the rest of the plants fade away. Autumn means loads of apples, quince, figs, wallnuts and hazelnuts. That is autumn! And puffing chestnuts in a fire in the garden… gloves, thick sweaters and boots… hats and scarves. Knitting!!!!
It is the time that I add spinning wool, knitting and weaving to my daily TO DO lists. (one large shawll done already!). Although in order to actually finish that TO DO list, days would have to be longer!

So much harvest means too making jams, preserving goodies for the winter. Baking! Eating! Autumn means friends enjoying our produce. Getting together to make jam because we can’t eat it all!!! Bring your own jar, help me make jam and then go away with filled jars!

So much autumn-ish action leaves little time for other things, but here at Florcita’s Doodles and Ceramics Studio, we never rest! Well, it’s just me. So, I never rest…
I have been busy with illustration custom orders which you can check out for now in my Instagram feed. I will write a post about it later this week.
I spent the whole day in the studio yesterday busy glazing a whole lot of stuff. The kiln is still cooling off (350C last time I checked!) and I’m hoping I will be able to open it and be -hopefully pleasently- surprised with the contents in a few hours.  So, lots happening.
Autumn has me busy with multiple projects too that I am hoping I will be able to share with you soon.
Sets of my doodle postcards are listed on my Etsy shop .
If you are interested in them but have no Etsy, you can always contact me and order via email. Prices don’t change! Check out the contact page!
The first frosts have fallen in the country. It is cold but sunny… and I’m heading over to my studio to make more WISH STONES. Is there a particular inspirational word you would like to see? Let me know!

Because I just loooove Autumn, here autumn PDF File for you, a little present… of some of my favourite things in this season. Please feel free to download, give away and share.

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