autumn leaves wrap

autumn leaves wrap
Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita

Autumn… best thing it has: soft light, afternoons in a sunny spot outside, wrapped with your favourite woolly shawl. A cup of tea, a book…. lovely.
Note those huge clogs there… my husband’s… who actually – like a true Dutch man – uses them for gardening, going for walks with the dog or just sitting there on that spot doing some wood carving, That half trunk there is his “carving table”… quite handy for my tea.

Anyway, lots going on backstage here but I wanted to remind you of the weekly free shipping offer for the pendants and some yarn. Just contact me if you rather have a private order. You can always use the contact button on my website: Website which will get a re-designing job soon as well (as soon as I finish resizing a ton of pictures!).

Back to my movie… how many times can I watch “Four weddings and a funeral” and actually laugh….?


  1. Pam de Groot

    I like the strong simple design in this one

  2. florcita

    thanks Pam!

  3. Tweed Delights

    Lovely peaceful scene – looks very inviting :)!

  4. Lily Pang

    Very pretty spot!

  5. terracota

    pero que bonito! no por nada…la citan para publicar…felicitaciones, calurosas felicitaciones por las propuestas, usted las merece, niña.

  6. ArtMind

    What a fantastic wrap that is!
    I can watch four weddings and a funeral over and over again and still laugh all the time! 🙂
    In fact, that's what I might do today! 🙂


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