Back to basics

That’s where I am right now: back to basics. After a long time of responding to a healthy amount of custom orders and making cups galore, I needed to go back to just making for the fun of it. Building with basic techniques. Building with slabs and coils.


What I really like about this basic techniques, is the fact that the results are always more natural. More organic in their shape.
In Dutch there is a word that I have found quite fitting for this pots: “oer”. I like the word. I like how simple these 3 letters are and in exchange they accumulate millenia of knowledge and stories. “Oer” means “Ancient“. And to me these pots are a bit reminiscent of those made in the beginning of civilized, sedentary life. Those first pots that helped cook meals, preserve grains and nuts.
I like this back to basics. And I like “oer”.

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