Studio Life: Casual glories

Every ceramist or artist has his or her way of working. How tidy or messy your studio is. How you like organizing stuff. How you organize the process of your pieces logistically around the studio or what you do with remnants.


I used to gather all bits and pieces of extra used clay in a bucket, to later recycle. Somehow it always took me a long time to get around to use it so these days I just use them right away. I make beads, glaze chips, little bowls or some wall decor or doodles on a piece of clay. Sometimes out of these random pieces, comes something that I didn’t expect and that I really like: Casual Glories. mascarax1000

Many of them I give away as gifts, or sell… and then there are those casual glories that I like so much that are intended for the wall of fame in our house. Naturally, I should get around to hanging them too, right? We built an extension around here not too long ago, and wall decor had to be boxed. Now we are done but haven’t hanged stuff again.


So here a few pieces to show you what happens in my studio with bits and extras of clay… casual glories!



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