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Red Fruit from the garden. Porcelain from the studio.

Delicatessen of a summer’s garden: Red Fruit.

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Autumn is my favourite season of the year. Color pallette. Food. Comfort food! The amber tone of the sun.

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Picking up after the rain…

So many months wondering where the rain was… well, here it is. All at once! In the few dry spells during the day, I go out and prepare more dyes. It is now the time. Natural dyestuffs, flowers, leaves… they… (READ MORE)

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I don’t want to bore you…

But I’m just so happy with all these colourful fruit! I just harvested these cherries. The other half I harvested, I already ate… one for me, one for the bowl 🙂 So you don’t think I’ve forgotten all about felt,… (READ MORE)

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It is that time of the year again, albeit a bit later than usual, in which I just walk into the garden and see what there is… a few currants, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries… that will make a breakfast. Thanks to… (READ MORE)

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what sunday left…

…a sore back, from bending over for hours pulling our weed and planting veggies in the garden: peas, beans, maiz, chard, lupins and some more. …and there is a bit left over from this bread I made for lunch, with… (READ MORE)

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Multipurpose plant: Rhubarb

Another of those multi-purpose plants I have in the garden is Rhubarb. It’s the first sign that the spring is coming… it’s leaves start unfolding late in winter/early in the spring. I don’t know in other soils, but here at… (READ MORE)

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Sunny and dry you say…

Weather forecast for this spring: sunny and dry. Excellent. I get on with stuff that can be done outside… or better,  should be done outside to avoid a mess. So, I started to gather up all my fabrics. I have… (READ MORE)

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A whooole week without blogging. Amazing. I didn’t sit still though. I’m working on some stuff which will be revealed in due time. A have a few shows in April so this months is work work work… Last week was… (READ MORE)

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Home made yumminess

Yesterday was one of those days when you start feeling that spring is around the corner. I spent the morning in the studio (which is still chilly from time to time considering Mr husband hasn’t finished with all the latches… (READ MORE)

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Felting raw wool

(español mas abajo) A few days ago I took a workshop with Marian Jansen from De Viltgaard. She is a dutch artist with more than 30 years working with wool: spinning, dyeing and felting. So, one could say she knows… (READ MORE)

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Quick post

Just received this little video about wool in my mail. It was made by the International Wool Textile Organisation and it is pretty interesting. If you have time… Me acaba de llegar este video en el mail. Lo hace la… (READ MORE)

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