Tutorial on MOTS digital magazine!

[english, scroll down]   La semana pasada les comenté sobre la revista digital MOTS adonde, entro otras notas muy interesantes, hay una sobre moi! Bueno, hay tambien al final de la revista, un tutorial para hacer lapices o lapiceras forradas… (READ MORE)

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RenataFelt Tutorial- “Pintar con Lana” en Español

(EN bellow)   La mayoría de ustedes que están en ésto del fieltro, se habran topado ya con las creaciones de Renata. Una artista con mucho talento de Lituania.Sus “pinturas con lana”, esos campos con amapolas que parecen acuarelas; son… (READ MORE)

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Looking around

Clicking around in the www… I found this site EarthPledge.org which has some interesting reading material. Among that, is this concise and comprehensive page on Sustainable Fibres. Plant fibres, Animal Fibres, Synthetic fibres, by products, etc. It’s quite interesting for… (READ MORE)

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PDF files to download!

ENGLISH: Here it is –  Silk Hankies Tutorial, PDF file for download!  silk hankies-Tut ENG-PDF ESPAÑOL: Acá está- el tutorial de los Pañuelitos de Seda, el archive PDF para bajar! silk hankies- Tut ESP-PDF

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Silk Hankies- Fibre Texture Tutorials

(versión en español de este tutorial viene pronto! lo estoy haciendo!) —— In some of your emails I’ve received questions about silk hankies: what they are, how to use them. Remember a while ago I did this Silk Overview post… (READ MORE)

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Brazilwood Pink

(español, abajo) A little while ago, as part of a collaboration with Sara from Sara’s Texture Crafts, I posted this tutorial. The idea was to make it in white and later on dye it so you could see the difference… (READ MORE)

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Compendium of links

As much as I would like to make all sorts of tutorials for those who ask, I unfortunately don’t have enough time. However, if you look around the web, you will see that many artists have shared their knowledge already… (READ MORE)


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PDF files for downloading tutorials

It took me a while, but here are the PFD files, one in english and one in spanish, for the Woolly soap Tutorial.You can download them by clicking on the link (and if there is a problem let me know!… (READ MORE)

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Floating drops

Amazing how water “floats” on top of wool until finally it goes through. Wool can absorb something like 20% of it’s weight in water before it feels wet. Not so easy to wet wool! And at the same time, because… (READ MORE)


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Woolly soap Tutorial

Tutorial for beginners.

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Details and tips for those who asked.

Last week I presented in this post a group of wraps (for you) or throws (for your house) called “Retazos”, which in spanish means “Scraps”. After listing them in my shop I was too tired from editing pictures, so I… (READ MORE)

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Color coordinating…

I have a friend who is a graphic designer…and a bit crazy. We were talking a few days ago about colors and how I coordinate my colors and she confessed that sometimes, when she has to get dressed in the… (READ MORE)

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