It’s the summer and finally we get some sunny and warm days. Although my kiln isn’t firing anything these days, I keep working at a lower rate. And to prove this, a collaboration with a food stylist and photographer from Portugal, Monica Pinto.
Monica approached me to propose a collaboration using my ceramics in her photographs. These aren’ t really just photos… they are food stories told with a camera. cake200It isn’t always easy to work into a collaboration with another person far away… mostly because we don’t know each other styles (yet). It would probably be easier if Monica just walked in and grabbed from my studio what she needed. However, I think that the photographs are fabulous.
I love the rustic mood of the photos… and those tables! I can imagine them being laid by busy families whom, nontheless, make time to cook together, eat together.. talk and laugh.

ceramicas0I think my ceramics blend really well with this rustic-feel. That is my style after all. I like making functional objects that are one of a kind and make you feel also special when you use them on your daily life …  And these photos are the snapshots of a kitchen that is used daily.

bowls0I think this was a very succesful collaboration. I suggest you head over to Monica’s website for lots more… some photographs really make you want to jump into the screen. But also, check out her blog because that scrumptious cake you see there being served on my ceramics, is talked about and recipe shared on her blog. It looks so good that I am really looking forward to trying it myself.

And I’m looking forward to working together with her again!

All photographs remain the property and work of art of Monica Pinto.  Via her website you can contact her for more info on her photographies.



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  2. Nauli

    Congrats for the fruitful collaboration! Your ceramics are shown in best light! Love the result.


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