Doodles on Ceramics


doodlesonceramicsA combination of both my ceramics and my drawings. I use some simple but cute doodles of mine to decorate my ceramics. For this purpose I digitize first my doodles, send them to a special studio where they are printed with glaze ink and then, after a lot of cutting and rearranging, I apply them on ceramics which get fired in a ceramic oven at around 800C. This makes them durable, food and dishwasher safe. Some examples bellow:

NEW doodles on Ceramics

You can always contact me via email if you are interested too (web shop in the works!).

They aren’t always all of them in stock and frankly since I like to try new things there are nver two of the same unless you ask for them specifically. My doodles combine with each other really well so I try to create new little landscapes in each cup or bowl!

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