Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Apple season around the corner

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Apple season around the corner, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita.

One of the many things I like about autumn, is the fact that there are good, fresh apples all over the place. Around here it seems like autumn is starting to take over… and that is fine by me. I love autumn and all it’s culinary goodies.
All the credit to the photographers who took these pics. Click on the mosaic for a better view. If you want to play, visit Mitsy’s blog.

Una de las tantas cosas que me gusta del otoño, que pareciera se está por venir, es que es la temporada de las manzanas. Manzanas frescas, jugosas por todos lados. Me encanta el otoño y todas sus delicias culinarias!
Todo el credito para los fotografos que sacaron estas fotos. Click en el mosaico para verlo mas grande. Si quieren participar, visiten el blog de Mitsy.


  1. LeelaBijou

    A mí también me encanta el otoño y cocinar platos de otoño… 🙂

    Un mosaico muy bonito!

  2. anka

    I am really drooling over the green apple. Lovely mosaic. After my short vacation these days, the apple season can come, I say!

  3. Nauli

    Our harvest will not be this nice this season. Most fruits didn’t ripe well due to much rain.

  4. Marinatea

    apples… first elements of autmn…
    i love fall!

  5. Alex

    I can’t wait for autumn too! That green apple looks perfect for a bite 🙂

  6. riet baird

    Wat een heerlijke appels!
    Aangezien wij in Sittard wonen (8km van Susteren) is de herfst hier ook aan het beginnen. Ik wil toch nog wat nazomeren. Meestal begint voor ons de herfst als we terugkomen van vakantie (eind september.
    Zondag is kunstmarkt in Sittard, we staan daar met een kraampje (3 vriendinnen) misschien een idee for a rainy day?
    Groetjes en tot…Riet

  7. Relydesign

    love the green apple! adorable theme!!!

  8. Jenn

    wow, that looks so fresh, I got a tummy ache looking at all those delicious apples. I sure wish I wasn’t allergic.

  9. Mitsy/ArtMind

    read: I am NOT ready for fall yet.
    Give me the fresh granny smith and I dream about spring and sun! 😉


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