Flickr Favorites Tuesday: colorful atelier

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: colorful atelier, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita.

I’m spontanuous…some say messy.
I tend to work long hours and the world around me disspears.
My art has taken over our house.Well, not the art but the supplies which start to hide in corners in the house (because I will keep working after dinner, what’s the point of putting everything away upstairs?).
I need my own working space. (please!)

Mr Husband and I made a deal: I get a studio but he gets to build it. He likes working with wood and was dying to build a wooden house. It won’t be a huge house, more like an oversized garden house which I am planning to paint in bright red outside and bright white inside. With all my wool in open cabinets acting as the color accents, and my ceramic wares inviting people to come over for tea and play.

Well, the wood has been ordered. Right now there is only a muddy mess with pipes for water and electricity… but I close my eyes and think: by this time next year, I will have my studio hiding among trees in the garden, with a little wooden stove for winter… my colorful playhouse. And you are all invited!

All the credit to the talented photographers whom took these pictures. click on the mosaic for a larger view. If you want to play along, visit Mitsy’s blog.


  1. Ooty

    wow sounds great!! Actually that was also the same deal my parents are doing tight now =D he is building her studio – and now they are both happy =)
    can’t wait to see yours!!

  2. I bijoux dello Stregatto

    Oh a studio in the garden!!! I’m arriving!!!

  3. Alison

    Get the kettle on – I’m heading over, hehe! Fantastic news 🙂

  4. cri-cri

    what a wonderful thing to look out!

  5. Mitsy/ArtMind

    YES! I’ll be around to visit! I’ll bring a log of wood to make sure we can brew a kettle of tea! 🙂
    Wish Mr Florcita luck with building!

  6. painted fish studio

    how wonderful! i’ve always been so jealous of artists with a small studio outside of their home. you are a lucky girl!

  7. Weird

    Wow, that’s wonderful news! I am so happy for you – it sounds absolutely fantastic!
    Oh – and I like the pictures 🙂


  8. viltk

    just hold on a few more months and once it is ready you forget how it was now…..

  9. Lily Pang

    I cannot believe you build a house yourself. Hope it can be built soon!

    Very pretty photos!

  10. martice

    HI 😉

    I read your comment on the dutch blog. I can put you on the blog as well, but I will ahve to make a list under the etsy list, because I’m using the list for updating etsy list on etsy and would be much work to take all the dawanda shops out if it.

    Please let me know if you want to be on the other list 🙂


  11. Dorie

    That’s a fantastic deal – let’s have a summerparty with dyepots brewing all over your garden… I’ll be there! (I like the red colour – my house has that typical sweedish red!)


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