Frida y el amor

I came across this poem by Frida Khalo on “amor”, which is making the rounds on internet lately. I thought it was very beautiful in the description of the daily things of life that actually make a couple go forward. Amor (love) is one key ingredient of what is needed in a relationship,  but there is so much more which we are capable of doing, giving and shouldering because of love.

As you know my first language is spanish. In the illustration it is in spanish and I am sure it is already to be found in multipe translations around the web.

The full poem written by Frida Khalo says:

” Mereces un amor que te quiera despeinada,

con todo y las razones que te levantan de prisa,

con todo y los demonios que no te dejan dormir.

Mereces un amor que te haga sentir segura,

que pueda comerse al mundo si camina de tu mano,

que sienta que tus abrazos van perfecto con su piel.

Merees un amor que quiera bailar contigo,

que visite el paraíso cada vez que mira tus ojos,

y que no se aburra nunca de leer tus expresiones.

Mereces un amor que te escuche cuando cantas

que no le asuste caer.

Mereces un amor que se lleve las mentiras,

que te traiga la ilusión,

el café y la poesía.”

I added the last few verses on the illustration.



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