Golden holidays

I’ve been running around a lot lately and all of a sudden I stop and realize that we are just a week away from Christmas. I’m, as usual, late with christmas cards and decoration and things like that. So,trying to get a bit in the holiday spirit… I made a few very golden ceramic things:



First up a plate which can serve as a tray too. For canapes, amuse bouche type bites? Or bonbons? chocolate truffles? I’m dead in love with the reflection of the apple on the golden, copper-ish color. A bit baroque but with a rustic touch!


And then a bowl with the same color and the same lace imprints on it. They could go together as a set. I actually did make them as a set but I listed them separatedly in my shop to give clients the chance to choose…


And I think they could fit very well in a table all year round, not just now for the goldeny holidays. A fancy dinner party? why not…


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