I’ m still here

Yes yes, I’m still here. Even though the blog has been silent. But behind the scenes, I’m still here.

What? vacations over? and we are in autumn already?? Vacations came and went, I travelled… visited friends, family and new places. Saw whales, and sea lions and penguins in the wild in Argentina. Visited ruins and dinned al fresco in Rome and I even went for a few days to London to saw an epic concert, walked aimlessly along the Thames and did some business too, of course (its not all play!).

And I’m still here!


Rothko at the Tate Modern in London

Now here, back in the studio thinking up new stuff. Taking some time to reconnect with clay. Sometimes custom orders take over the schedule and I have little time to play and let my creative juices flow… so now I’m trying to regroup, take it slow and enjoy the process more than the result.


couldn’t find paper with the precise colour I wanted… so I painted my own paper and cut it up!

I’ve been doing more illustrations lately. Had a few jobs making art work for a restaurant and a coffee place. Its nice when the clients just trust me and say… “do what you want! we like your art!”– I go ahead and do a bunch of things, they choose… but its not conditioned and it just flows better. Also,  I’m really digging collage these days. Dunno why. There is something zen about cutting, glueing… reminiscent of kindergarten and times that were very relaxed! All fun and play!


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  1. Adriana*

    ¡Te extrañábamos! Hermosos paseos… Y veo que anduviste por Caminito también… (Pilas cargadas y creatividad expandida ♥) Un abrazo desde Buenos Aires.


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