I have been busy for the past few months more with illustrations than ceramics. This isn’t new in my studio but because of persistent back pain, I’ve had to put the more physical ceramic work aside for a while, as I go though a few months of treatment.

Illustrations allow me to have an outlet to my creativity (which otherwise feels like it bottles up inside and bothers). Illustrations and collages have also had a reception, I have found, on some of my previous – and precious-  clients as well as attracted a lot of new people to my work. Many like the mini-format of these illustrations and collages. I usually work on thick cardboard but on postcard size. So, they are easy to ship, affordable and collectable.

I post many of these on Instagram. The format suits that social media outlet really well. They are all one of a kind as I can only make these once. I use all sorts of papers, mono-prints, watercolours and acrylic as well as soft pastels and different types of pens.

Not a complete change of media… just expanding horizons. Allowing myself to explore. It all comes back enriching my own art.



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