Just a few days left of 2015

It is that time of the year again. Just a few days left and we start 2016. I won’t make a yearly recap because it would be very boring to all reading but I will say that I had a very interesting year both personally and professionally. I travelled, I met new people, I reconnected with old friends. Took a few workshops and satisfied my curiosity but most of all I enjoyed my family. A new chapter starts now as my youngest starts school and I will have more time in my hands to dedicate to Florcita and to learn and experiment. I am really looking forward to that.


We have friends of different nationalities and religions and even though we aren’t religious people, we respect each belief and we hope that said respect and the will to build a world in peace is everyone’s wish. That’s why this year we have decided to make together a “different” christmas card with “happy thoughts”. Those include flowers and strawberries. Trips and the sea… and even an elephant who has fallen in love.
Happy 2016… and Happy thoughts!

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