Kunstmarkt in Susteren

And it is time.. just a few more days and I can stop running around thinking of new stuff to bring or make for the Kunstmarkt in Susteren. 
I have decided this year, just to make it more exciting (as if I didn’t have enough stuff going on) to make all one of a kind cups and tumblers to bring to the Kunstmarkt in Susteren. espressox1000
My idea was to make a replica of this lovely Japanese piece of furniture that I had seen before. I don’t know their name but they are their typical way of presenting their tea and rice bowls. Different sizes house different amount of cups. So I asked Mr Husband if he’d be so kind to make one for me (again, because we had “nothing” else going on in our lives) which he did, so kindly (albeit complaining between his teeth about the abundance of ideas I usually have).
So here a little photo although it’s just in my house…

mueblex1000As you maybe see in the photo, there are tumblers mostly and some larger containers. Many painstakingly hand illustrated – don’t forget glazes require a minimum of 3 coats per colour! Some are casted tumblers, some are hand built (which makes them more unique and wonky… something I like!). Some are porcelain, some are clay.. different clays…colours, techniques. All unique.

tablex1000I have made way more items than the ones that fit in the little cupboard, but it’s all coming along… I will see how it looks later. The problem with markets is that you don’t really know what your space will look like until you are there. So you can foresee lots of stuff about the presentation of your products, but not everything is definitive until you are there.

illustratedbowlx1000Now we have to hope for good weather… dry at least because postcards and A4 prints are also coming along and I wouldn’t want everything to get wet… not fun.

If you are visiting, do come and say hi!

Everything that is not sold in the market, will be listed on my etsy shop (which is empty now!) next week. So if you are far away or couldn’t come by, you will have your chance 🙂

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