Merry-Go-Round: A few of my favorite Things


The last Merry-Go-Round of the year…. and this time, to celebrate our group, we are taking a spin round the creations of the members of this international, intercultural, interdisciplinary group of artisan women.

I’ve selected one item from each shop. It was hard. There are many things I like and one day… one day I WILL get one of each.


And I will tell you what I like of this items: their creators.

(from top left):

Sara from Crafts of Texture. Sara has a wide variety of fibres to choose from and she is always willing to find something else. I like talking to Sara because somehow my fibre needs are always in tune with what she is trying to find and can offer.

Wendren from  TheWrenDesign. Wendren always finds very stimulating articles to read and reflect on. I love her bags and this elephant bag I OWN! It’s huge and comfortable and I take it everywhere.

Lily from Lily Pang Art and Design. Lily is a fantastic watercolor painter. The traces she makes and the later editorial enhancements are just perfect. I own one of her laptop skins and I am always eyeing her pendants and prints. Many things I like from her shop but this series of women she painted are just sweet and beautiful!

Ruth from Birdland Creations. Whimsical, sweet, refined creations. The attention to detail is fantastic. Ruth is a great leader too. Kind, respetuous and eager to bring new ideas. I love her Quentin quail… and the earrings in the shape of a flower and so much more. But what I always am in awe of are her much more intricate designs. Like this little birdhouse pendant which opens to offer a few secrets.

Jenny from Jenny Karlsson Design. Jenny has fantastic designs. Her combination of vintage images and fabrics, hand embroidered phrases full of wisdom… just ingenious. I think she was one of the first artists I met when I started my rounds on e-commerce platforms.

Fabienne from Easterya.  What can I say about Fabs… I not only own a few of her pieces but some of my family members do too. Her creations have been a great success among the females of this house. Her bold pieces are a statement not just art. Besides, Fabienne has been a great friend. I love exchanging emails with her and she has been extremely generous with her knowledge in many fields.

Charlotte from Fancypicnic. She makes the most gorgeous textile jewellery. So many colors and beads, threads, rich fabrics… each piece a world to explore with your eyes and hands… I love this cowl I chose for the mosaic but there were many more I liked. Charlotte and I are together embarked in a photograpic project called Curious Nature. So our apreciation for each other’s art and views goes beyond textile adventures.

Agathe from Le Bar Du Vent. So many earrings I want! I found this flower rings she makes that are superb! so rich in beads and pearls! Fantastic creation that woild just make an outfit! I admire her patience when it comes to making those beautiful beaded pieces with Art Nouveau patterns…excellent!

I’ve added the links to each of the blogs so if you click there you can find the links to the several shops they own. Worth the visit really… even if it’s just for inspiration and admiration.

One of my favorite things this year has been to share 12 posts with these women. I find it fascinating that from one simple question each of us can write such variated and interesting answers. I feel their wisdom, friendship and company  and I feel my world growing in experience and points of view every month.

The fact that I have gone further in the development of my style and craft is a plus this year. That my designs were chosen to be published in a book, that we finally started work on my future atelier, that we have travelled, I have learnt more and I am finishing this year with a book full of sketches, plans jotted down to free my head from so much ebullience!

2009 was a good year. Im thinking 2010 will be great!

Thanks for reading everyone. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Este es un post, el ultimo del año, de nuestro grupo de Merry Go Round. Estas son algunas de nuestras “cosas favoritas” de cada una de las artistas en este grupo internacional, intercultural e interdisciplinario!

Lo esencial de este post (que no puedo traducir en su completud lamentablemente) es que cada link lleva a los blogs de estas mujeres con las que comparto mucho mas que un post por mes. En sus blogs pueden encontrar los links a ls tiendas online de ellas que valen la pena visitar mas no sea para admirar y llenarse de inspiracion.

Mis cosas favoritas este año son que he seguido desarrollando mi estilo y arte. Mis habilidades como artista textil y ceramista. Es muy positivo tambien que varias de mis piezas fueron elegidas para ser publicadas en un libro sobre arte textil, que hemos empezado -por fin- las obras para construir mi estudio, que he viajado, he aprendido, he conocido gente nueva. Tengo un libro lleno de ideas, diseños y planes esbozados aqui y alla que volque a este libro con miles de papelitos colgando por todos lados y asi aliviar la cabezota!

2009 fue un año nuevo, pero creo que el 2010 va a ser mucho mejor!

Gracias a todos por leer y FELÍZ AÑO NUEVO!


  1. Alison

    Happy New Year or ‘Bliadhna Mhath Ur’! I like the sound of the book full of sketches, what a great start to the year! 😀 Lovely mosaic BTW 🙂

  2. Lily Pang

    Happy new year Mariana! Nice to know the one you like most from me!

  3. Sil

    Gracias a vos! por todas las cosas lindas que mostras y lo divertido que lo trasmitis.
    Que bueno es haberte encontrado en este mundo virtual!
    Por un 2010 lleno y pleno en todos los sentidos para todos!!!!!
    Un gran Abrazo!

  4. lucia

    Aca pasando para desearte un muy feliz año nuevo, lleno de alegria, amor y cosas bellas!!Muchos besos y chinchines, Lucia

  5. ruth

    What a wonderful post. And thanks for your lovely comments. I never thought the merry go round would be such an integral part in my life as it has turned out to be. I’m so glad you are a part of it.
    Happy New Year. Can’t wait to see how we all develop in 2010.

  6. easterya

    Thank you so much my dear Florcita!!! From such a great artist as yourself, your comments go straight to my heart!!! Happy new year to you, may 2010 bring everything you wish for, + success and happiness!!

  7. viltk

    Happy new year to you too!!

  8. Carmencita-k

    Aunque acabo de “descubrirte”, veo que tienes muchos planes, proyectos. Sigue adelante y muy positiva… tienes….solo desarrollalo y muestranoslo, si?.
    Muchas felicidades.


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