My ceramics as props

I make ceramics too for props for photoshoots.
As you all know, if you follow the blog, I make mostly ceramic tableware with a rustic and wonky flair. I have clients ravelling on the little imperfections that make a ceramic platter or a cup just one of a kind and unique.

cake200And sometimes those same ceramics, with the same high quality and attention to detail, are made to dress a photograph or help carry a story that a photographer wants to tell. That was the case with some ceramics I made for photographer en chef Monica Pinto. A very talented Portuguese artist who takes exactly the kind of photographs I like and makes exactly the type of food I love eating.


She has now published many of her recipes, beautifully illustrated with her photographs, in a lovely book called Pratos e Travessas. It’s in Portuguese, I know.. not everyone understands the language… but ohhh isn’t it glorious to look at! And my ceramics are in many photos too! Makes me so proud.
Do visit her blog for photos and recipes… and get the book. Worth learning Portuguese for!

All photographs (except the one of the book which is my copy of the book on my table!) are Monica Pinto’s copyright.

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