I’m still preparing stock for the upcoming “Supermarket Maastricht” on the 29th of March; and these necklaces will be part of said stock. Remember I showed you a while back the beads as a little installation?

pink necklacex1000

Pink and frey make such a great combination!


White and silver!

One of the keys, I think, to having a succesful appereance in markets and fairs is to have stock from a wide price range. Of course one could argue that success is measured according to the expectations each maker/seller has. I for one take the chance of participating in these type of markets more for promotional purposes. Of coure we all want to sell, but the chances that people will walk away with a couple of plates and bowls… is slim. Difficult to carry… for instance, if you are planning to visit the city afterwards. But it has happened before that people see, touch… experience the pieces and then order some for their home.

However, I also bring things that one can put in ones pocket and walk away with them, such as they are the wish stones that I posted previous week. And also some new small tiles!
The wish stones range from 4 to 16€. You can stack them up… put them on your desk, give them to a friend wishing them what the stone has written.


I have to string these grey charcoal beads on a thicker suede cord!


This necklaces, handmade… piece by piece… disc by disc… which are strung on a long suede cord… are one of those pieces that you can wear inmmediately (so, easy to carry!) and will be between 40-60€ a piece. I haven’ t completely decided yet!

Are you coming too to the Supermarket in Maastricht? Stop by and say hi!



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