NEW doodles on Ceramics

Yes, NEW! they were brought to the shop in Maastricht only some days ago so they are there ready to be bought 🙂 In fact these aren’t new doodles, but new ways of combining them. The advantages of these beauties is that once my doodles are digitized and then printed as decals, I can cut and paste and combine whichever way I want. In fact, due to my born inability to repeat myself; each cup is one of a kind.

youbelongx1000OWL-1I source the porcelain cups at a retail shop. I don’t look for cheap, but for quality. If the porcelain is of no good quality then the decals just won’t stick and won’t look nice. Besides… quality first.

singingflowersx1000-1I put a lot of effort drawing, cleaning and digitizing all my doodles so naturally I want to show them in a good quality cup.

cafecitox1000-3Another advantage of these cups is that they can be just washed in the dishwasher…daily. We use them here at home. They have survived the daily handlings of two little children. They are used for their breakfasts every day, and right away placed in the dishwasher. Always as good as new. After years of use the decal work has not faded nor chipped. Quality I tell you!

Anyway, for now they are only for sale in Manu Facta in Maastricht (NL). It is the plan to start a webshop on this page after summer vacations are over. Hopefully before Christmas!!! *crosses fingers*

If you have any interest and you aren’t able to go to Maastricht, you can always contact me via email!



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