New doodles on porcelain cups

Yes! indeed! you read it correctly… I am hard at work because starting March I will be adding a new venue where my doodles on porcelain can be bought. We are going back to Maastricht which makes me very happy because that is such a beautiful city! I never need an excuse to go and visit it. But if you need one… seeing in person and buying my doodles on porcelain cups, can work just fine!


What are these you say?
Well, in the past years my line drawings/ doodles have gathered some momentum and people started asking for them in other forms. Not just in prints or cards, but also as t-shirts, cups and things like that. A pretty and useful way of spreading the love!

So, after much trying and prototyping, to keep the prices of the cups to a manageable level and accessible to everyone that wanted a piece – but without compromising in quality; I decided to have my drawings made as decal transfers. To do this I had to spend many hours behind the computer digitizing and mastering every little bird and flower so they would print well.
That gets sent to a company specialized in making decals. As I receive them, the collage starts!


Playing with my doodles in another form. I get large sheets filled with my doodles and then I cut and compose and attach the decals onto my cups. This means that each cup is unique. There are slight variations but also… with the same drawings I can tell different stories!
After that, everything goes into a kiln (ceramics oven) at 820C. When the kiln cools off, the decals are permanently attached to the porcelain cups. Not a seam is to be seen!
At home we use these cups on a daily basis… and they go into the dishwasher … and back out the next day straight to the breakfast table. They look great… even years after their first use!

You can still purchase my doodles on porcelain cups and tumblers at Galerie Kunstproeven in Stein… and in a few weeks, also at Manu Facta in Maastricht!doodlescoffeecupx1000

Of course you can always contact me via these website if you wish to place an international order!

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