The kiln and myself are working non-stop to get ready for several events. The most imminent is the one coming up in Susteren, the Kunstmarkt, on June 5th. So non-stop I work on ceramic pieces and on more postcards and A4prints.
I have decided to come up with a whole new presentation for the Kunstmarkt in Susteren. I have decided to make all One Of A kind cups and bowls. Just 25. Why 25? Well, because I will present them in a little piece of furniture that kindly my husband is making for me (and I have to paint, add that to the list!). And it has 25 slots. I will take a picture as soon as I have it done. It’s all about presentation! In truth, I saw this beautiful Japanese wooden piece holding cups and it all fell into place. I thought… this is what I want!

It has been a fun challenge, but a challenge non the less, to come up with all different cups. Not just in their look using different decorative styles such as mishima, sgraffito, glazing, underglazing, etc; but also in the way they are built: casted, coiled, slab formed, etc.


I have also tried different clays: terracotta, white, black, terrazo… and casted different coloured clays. Clay and porcelain I should add! So yeah, non-stop experimenting while I work non-stop to get to the deadline on time and in good form. Tired, most probably but satisfied. You can’t fight the perfectionism… just work harder!

You can check out my Instagram feed where I daily post this one of a kind pieces that I am producing “non-stop” 🙂 and if you are interested, you can come and visit at our table in the Kunstmarkt next June 5th in Susteren.



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  1. Silvina

    Como siempre, que trabajo tan maravilloso que hacĂ©s!!! y cuantas variantes!!! me encanta! si algĂșn dĂ­a volvĂ©s porArgentina, me encantarĂ­a verlo en directo y llevarme una de tus creaciones! besos!!


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