on deadlines

I’m on a deadline. Several deadlines. I took on an order a few weeks ago without rrreeeaally thinking about the other orders (and their deadlines) I already had standing and there you go…. deadline approaches and I am juggling.

heartlabelTUmblerx1000One shouldn’t complain. After all being busy as a self-employed artist is what we really want. Means, you have work. People like your stuff and want to buy it, for which you have to make it. Deadlines are good! Nonetheless… I panic. A bit.

I’m preparing an order of Doodles on Ceramics. Large cups, tumblers, and small coffee cups.

Also for the lovers of a more restrained, sober look, I am making some concrete looking espresso cups. Like this one. SONY DSCIn the season of “good wishes” for everyone, I’m making more “Wish Stones”. Small wishes on clay that you can give to a special someone that is needing a little care. I gave one to my eldest son when he started school… he only had to reach into his jeans’ pockets to know that Mom was there with him.

wishstnesx1000-LOGO3And of course my Doodles on Paper are coming too. Don’t forget that if you aren’t in my neighbourhood, you can always buy them online on my Etsy shop.

All of these items are coming to the Kunst-Super in Stein, The Netherlands. The Galerie Kunstproeven is having a weekend of lots of kunst at an affordable price (28th and 29th of November and weekends after that!). All of these items are under 10€!! And it all stays there for the coming weeks because the Galerie is celebrating it’s 5th birthday and joining the season’s celebrations with lots of activities. So, stop by if you are in the area. Well worth it! And do your christmas shopping!!

Deadlines… I have to go!

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  1. Marta

    Good luck! You can do it. 😉


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