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paperdoodlesHere bellow you can see  my line of Doodles on Paper.


Drawing has been a constant thing for me. I have never been attracted to all the perfectly looking, proportioned objects but I did have a phase of “still life” obsession. I was never able to willingly follow the rules. So I always drew doodles… “garabatos” in Spanish, my mother language. I even like the word better!
I still draw a lot these days. Doodles. Patterns. I like colour. I like using a lot of colours, mixing watercolours with crayons or pencils… acrylics or just pen. I am enrolled in a curses with renowned English Artist Este MacLeod to take place in 2016. I want to expand my horizons!
I use a lot of those doodles to make patterns too as part of decorations for my ceramics. I transform them into “transfer decals” and fire them in my ceramic kiln and then they are ready to use everyday. Those form a part of my “Doodles on Ceramics”  collection.

In 2015 I took the challenge of creating a body of illustrations to decorate a restaurant by the beach. I have created greeting cards for families as well as designed a logo for a small cooperative. I have also launched successfully, in markets and Galleries, a set of postcards (which gets constantly updated) with whimsical drawings and mindful messages. 
They can be found and purchased on Markets and galleries or on my Etsy shop. If you don’t have an account there you can easily make one or contact me and tell me what you need.


Now on sale via email through the contact button!


Doodles on ceramics [<–click]

Doodles with a thought   [<–click]








  1. Adriana*

    ¡Qué preciosuras! Me encanta ti trabajo. Un abrazo desde Buenos Aires.

  2. Adriana*

    Tu trabajo, quise decir. . .


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