Pheeeww! YEEEHAW!

Pheeeww indeed! Hours and hours staring at the computer screen, but now they are all ready to go! I’ m happy to say that soon all my doodles will be available in postcard format…YEEEHAAW!!!

My 3 year old daughter walks around yelling yeeehaw when she does something that makes her happy. We can not help but laugh outdoud. It’s the cowgirl gene. Who knows where she got that one!
After a while it just stuck. And I thought… what a great happy-success-yaaay kinda yelp… Yeeehaaw! This can make a great card… a multiple use card! Colorful, but simple. A nice thing for other people to find in their snail mail. Cheery!

This isn’ t a pre made font. I always draw -doodles and lettering- on paper with a black pen. Then scan and work things on the computer just to clean it up. Things have to be digital before going to the printer.
I have chosen to use a mat finish on the cards, with thick (300gr) paper. The back side has a sweet hand drawn finish so you can send it like that to a friend.

Print Achterzijdex1000Well…. everything is going to the printer today… in a few days it will be ready and they will debut at the ARTWALK in Stein (NL) organized by the Kunstproeven Galerij on the 11th and 12th of July. A weekend of arts, music, poetry, food… and a nice walk from place to place in the old part of Stein. Do join us and come see me!

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