Plant a tree

Plant a tree. Although higher powers seem to be driven by economical interests and still support the idea that humans have nothing to do with Global Warming and how fast it’s consequences are being more and more evident in our daily life; I do think that we, regular citizens, MUST ACT. We must do our little bits to stop this, or slow it down in any case. The technology which would ensure us a massive change in the current situation exists. What doesn’t exist is the political will to use them. So in the meantime, like my son suggested, we should all Plant a Tree.



The benefits of panting trees to me and many more are quite obvious, but just in case: we are talking about the lungs of our world. The purifiers of the air that we breath. Most of us living in highly demographically concentrated areas, breath all those fumes from cars and industries. Biking or walking more and using the car less helps too! Carpooling, using pubic transportation would help reduce the amount of cars too! Here in NL using the bike is quite a regular thing, but of course highways are packed from dawn till dusk. So, how about a tree in your backyard? or balcony? We have planted 15 trees in our house since we moved in. Sure, we have a large garden but we have resorted too to a bit of creativity. A little tree in a pot, a trellis or espalier system that provides support and guidance to a tree and takes up little space. Or an indoor plant which could help clean the air in your house and also outside.

I will be posting little illustrations (in different languages too so comment or send me an email if you want one in your own language!!), to promote this simple act which embodies such a massive message. And with each new illustration… one more Fun fact to makes us all understand why we MUST ACT and PLANT A TREE!

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