Red Fruit from the garden. Porcelain from the studio.

Delicatessen of a summer’s garden: Red Fruit.

Our garden is a little peculiar in the sense that we haven’ t filled it “only” with flowers and a trampoline for the kids, but we have also planted all sorts of berry bushes and fruit trees.

Red, black and white currants abound. Gooseberries, Strawberries, cherries and raspberries are all now ready for the picking. And we eat these fruit straight from the plant. I count as one of my motherhood’s accomplishments, the fact that my kids play in the garden and snack directly from the different plants without even thinking about it twice. All organic fruit. All taken care by nature.

The ceramics, in this case porcelain, are from a tableware set I made some time ago. The white and blue feel very summer-ish to me… and give a perfect background to the red fruit.

So we snack these during the day or in a pause in work. I also freeze bags of these fruit, all mixed up. The red currants especially are always in such an abundance! So later with these mixed fruit, I make jams.

Nothing better than a jar of homemade jam, packed with all that fruit you picked in the summer, then being re-tasted in the winter. You can even taste the sun in them.





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