It’ s that time of the year that we potters (and artists alike) start rushing around to try and fit all our work load within the boundaries that christmas as a deadline, gives us. So here we are making lots of cups and plates and making my¬† one of a kind cups installation ready for transport (with new one of a kind cups to replace those cups already sold) to a Pop up store in Maastricht, NL (more of that coming soon).

We rush to get things ready. We rush to comply with some special orders… and we rush because outside work, we also have all those end-of-year parties and “get togethers”. Which are fun! don’t get me wrong… it just feels like we are rushing too much!

So, in the meantime, when I have a few hours when I force myself to play more; I get the chance to get some of those new ideas out of my head and onto clay. This is one… still working on it… from papercollage

to clay…

oerThe photo isn’t fantastic because it was a quick snapshot for Instagram (you can see more daily updates and follow here). It’s now drying.

OER is one of those words in dutch that I really like. Don’ t know why, I just do. It means “Archaic”. And I’m feeling lately like working more with the older techniques of slab building and coiling and having another texture and feel to the pieces I make… it’s a process. Finding my bearings still.

In the meantime we keep rushing to the next deadline. Jingle bell!



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