Strawberry fields

Strawberry fields I dream of!
Been lost in an early summer haze… actually, sunny days can be ephemeral here. You see sun, run out and soak in it. Months of the year mean little. It can be August and cold… you never know around here.


Nature is lagging a bit behind, but we finally harvested some stuff from our garden. Slowly things start turning red which, as you can imagine, makes me very happy (with red being my favourite color and all…).

Last weekend we plucked the first strawberries, cherries and red currants. Not precisely fields and fields of strawberries but a good patch to keeps us entertained for a while.
This reminded me of a set I made a few years ago in porcelain, which looked, a lovely friend mentioned, like it had strawberry jam stuck on it… it was aptly named  “stains” . 

Think I might be making more of it soon…IMG_20150612_144426

Top photo is of a handmade large dish which is made with an italian clay -name eludes me now…tip of my tongue!. It stays light blue after firing. I used  a very runny blue glaze on top. Blue and red, lovely as ever.

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