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I’ m still here

Yes yes, I’m still here. Even though the blog has been silent. But behind the scenes, I’m still here.

Ceramics, Doodles

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Tutorial on MOTS digital magazine!

[english, scroll down]   La semana pasada les comenté sobre la revista digital MOTS adonde, entro otras notas muy interesantes, hay una sobre moi! Bueno, hay tambien al final de la revista, un tutorial para hacer lapices o lapiceras forradas… (READ MORE)

Felt, Fibre Art, tutorials

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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Favorite Destination

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Favorite Destination, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. This week, the Flickr Favourites we do it with a theme: Favorite Destination. Although I like to travel everywhere really, and I am always hatching plans for upcoming vacations, since… (READ MORE)


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Clouds in a box

The post man came again (poor guy he comes here around 3 times a week… we are friends by now!) bringing me yet another package from Argentina.  I am happy like a little kid when this man brings me boxes…. (READ MORE)

Fibre Art

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Working with the patagonian wool – Trabajando con la lana patagónica

And I started to work with the wool I bought some days ago.  I even felted with cold water and almost no soap (warm water and soap are the basic elements needed for felting…and the wool obviously!) and the results… (READ MORE)

Argentina-Diario Patagónico, Fibre Art

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Turquoise glamour

It’s proven a bit difficult to explain to people here what it is that I do. When I mention “handmade felt” people stare at me as If I was talking about giving an elephant a pedicure… weird. So I explain…. (READ MORE)

Argentina-Diario Patagónico, Fibre Art

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Patagonian Diary: local products and knowledge

2- A few days ago I went to an expo of local products. The idea is that producers can go and show what they have, sell and make some PR too. From culinary delicacies such as wild boar paté, walnuts,… (READ MORE)

Argentina-Diario Patagónico

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