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Details and tips for those who asked.

Last week I presented in this post a group of wraps (for you) or throws (for your house) called “Retazos”, which in spanish means “Scraps”. After listing them in my shop I was too tired from editing pictures, so I… (READ MORE)

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Felting…by mistake

A few weeks ago I made this handbag in a grey coarse wool (steinschafwolle) which I made especifically to be HUGE. Not a middle sized bag… nono… HUGE. My 15″ laptop fit in there. I felted the straps in by… (READ MORE)

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What have I listed today? Retazos

What have I listed today? Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita All of these wraps! No more photo editing today,. No more cropping and light balancing… and listing! Everything is in the shop now. Tomorrow, with more time, I will post… (READ MORE)

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autumn leaves wrap

autumn leaves wrap Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita Autumn… best thing it has: soft light, afternoons in a sunny spot outside, wrapped with your favourite woolly shawl. A cup of tea, a book…. lovely. Note those huge clogs there… my… (READ MORE)

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Working on them…

Working on them… Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita Experimenting with textures and fibers. Part of my New year’s resolution…4 different wall hangings, done soon.. I hope 🙂

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