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Aquas and greens

A few days ago I posted a photograph of this set of plates -a custom order flying to the US- on Florcita’s Facebook page and they turned out to be very popular. The color scheme was very well received… green,… (READ MORE)


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Tutorial on MOTS digital magazine!

[english, scroll down]   La semana pasada les comenté sobre la revista digital MOTS adonde, entro otras notas muy interesantes, hay una sobre moi! Bueno, hay tambien al final de la revista, un tutorial para hacer lapices o lapiceras forradas… (READ MORE)

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Judit Pocs short video

  Here is a short video with a lot of colour showcasing some of Judit Pocs creations. For those of  you who might not know her, she is a Hungarian artist who makes the most ellaborate and beautiful felt objects…. (READ MORE)

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Felt Geometry – done

Well, it’s been done for a couple of days. I used the peaceful late hours before turning the light off and going to sleep, to finish the stitching. The stitching is a very simple one, but in my eyes, quite… (READ MORE)

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Felt Geometry

A million ideas race through my head… some I get to write down, others dissapear to make a reapearance later… some get -slowly- to see real life. Geometry this time… although a bit wonky. Still a work in progress…  … (READ MORE)

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textiles + ceramics

oh the panic! 🙂 yes yes I’m still interested in textiles. I still have half a head boiling with textile ideas. Ceramics has always been in my life. I think I started with it when I was 5yrs old and… (READ MORE)


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{ES, abajo}   Well, must be a first… I haven’t posted anything here for a while. Or checked other blogs. It’s getting increasingly difficult to sit up without feeling the complains from the resident inside of moi… just about 6… (READ MORE)

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Chromatic Pebbles

What started as just some fun, is now a colourful chromatic scale piece hanging on oour living room wall. Simple, but I think fun.Now, I just need to add a little piece of wood to hand it a bit better…. (READ MORE)

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Rusty Pink

Making this skirt took some time basically because I’ve been toying with the different elements that have made it, since the summer. I used cotton gauze, wool, silk noil, silk top… and probably something else that at this point has… (READ MORE)

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Winter skirt

In the photo from a few days ago at Kim’ s, with the monster raw wool rug, I’m wearing a felt skirt and some of you, kind readers, asked for specifics…   It is a basic skirt, reversible, with a… (READ MORE)

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And this Sunday was Kim’s Open Atelier Day. The weather collaborated -partially- and Kim’s garden was full of colourful stuff. Amongst those, although not extremely colourful, was the gigantic raw wool rug. I should say now that although Kim and… (READ MORE)


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Raw Wool Rug II

The raw wool rug is done. Well, it was done last week but I haven’t had time to actually think and find a way to photograph the whooole thing from a good angle and with good props. And now it… (READ MORE)

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