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My ceramics as props

I make ceramics too for props for photoshoots. As you all know, if you follow the blog, I make mostly ceramic tableware with a rustic and wonky flair. I have clients ravelling on the little imperfections that make a ceramic… (READ MORE)


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Simple and clear

This custom order was clear. “Can you make bowls that look the same but look handmade, not store bought?”  Clear doesn’t mean simple, though. There are different ways of making ceramic dish-ware. It can be done with the wheel, slabs… (READ MORE)

Ceramics, Doodles

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frutas congeladas

frutas congeladas Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita The new season has started adn the first crops are in: spinach and lettuce. So, whilst cleaning and putting some order in the freezer, I did a bit of a census of what… (READ MORE)

Green Life

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