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new postcards

Because I never stop! Really, a creative head never stops and I keep doodling every day so I actually have to refrain myself from printing so many different designs of postcards! But here, yes, there are new postcards in stock…. (READ MORE)

Doodles, Doodles*Thought

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Wish stones

I love these wish stones. They are made of clay and stamped with words, and lovely doodles. I like the idea of giving something tangible along with what you wish to another person. I wish you have love, hope, hugs…… (READ MORE)


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And kids grow… |Y los chicos crecen…

Today my baby turns 4… FOUR! Unbelievable. And the memory of the labour pain is all gone! And I thought I would never forget that one! 🙂 This Saturday we are having a little party. So, I have been planning… (READ MORE)


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Easterya –

Months ago I started thinking about presents I could take with me to my family… hand made, of course. I’ve made some myself but I really wanted to take other stuff as well. I’ ve purchased from Easterya a couple… (READ MORE)


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balls for Seba’s Birthday

ballssebsOriginally uploaded by Marian Florcita Sebs is my son (short for Sebastián).This week he turned 3 yrs old and this found me a bit shocked at how fast time passes but also juggling with a variety of task: birthday parties… (READ MORE)

Felt, Fibre Art

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EST Secret Bunny

Hello everyone! aaaaah SUN!!!!!!I’m afraid my lizard days are in and hybernating is out. I am outdoors all day and computers and work do not fit in my schedule! 🙂I’ve been meaning to post, for a couple of days already,… (READ MORE)




Sinterklaas was a bishop who lived somewhere between the years 200-300 in Myra, a city in then the Bizantine Empire (today Turkey). He was very good to children, always fighting for their rights (one would say today, then was feeding,… (READ MORE)


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