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Red Fruit from the garden. Porcelain from the studio.

Delicatessen of a summer’s garden: Red Fruit.

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Picking up after the rain…

So many months wondering where the rain was… well, here it is. All at once! In the few dry spells during the day, I go out and prepare more dyes. It is now the time. Natural dyestuffs, flowers, leaves… they… (READ MORE)

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It is that time of the year again, albeit a bit later than usual, in which I just walk into the garden and see what there is… a few currants, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries… that will make a breakfast. Thanks to… (READ MORE)

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Multipurpose plant: Rhubarb

Another of those multi-purpose plants I have in the garden is Rhubarb. It’s the first sign that the spring is coming… it’s leaves start unfolding late in winter/early in the spring. I don’t know in other soils, but here at… (READ MORE)

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A whooole week without blogging. Amazing. I didn’t sit still though. I’m working on some stuff which will be revealed in due time. A have a few shows in April so this months is work work work… Last week was… (READ MORE)

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Home made yumminess

Yesterday was one of those days when you start feeling that spring is around the corner. I spent the morning in the studio (which is still chilly from time to time considering Mr husband hasn’t finished with all the latches… (READ MORE)

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Autumn’s chores

(español, abajo) As autumn arrives, the chores that comes with it press on the agenda. There is a window of a few weeks where, if one has a vegetable patch, lots of things have to be done. It’s harvest time…. (READ MORE)

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