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textiles + ceramics

oh the panic! 🙂 yes yes I’m still interested in textiles. I still have half a head boiling with textile ideas. Ceramics has always been in my life. I think I started with it when I was 5yrs old and… (READ MORE)


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Rusty Pink

Making this skirt took some time basically because I’ve been toying with the different elements that have made it, since the summer. I used cotton gauze, wool, silk noil, silk top… and probably something else that at this point has… (READ MORE)

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Rainbow Fish

A while back I started this blanket. It’s a baby blanket, just the right width for a crib, or a pram. Not too big, not too small, easy to fold and put away. My 5yr old, who is an animal… (READ MORE)

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Silk cap pure white

Silk cap pure white, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. These past days I have been working a lot. Do you have those days when your head just goes on and on non-stop and you have a million ideas that keep… (READ MORE)

Fibre Art

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Woolly soap Tutorial

Tutorial for beginners.

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Sale- Blog, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. Just a quick post to let you all know that that these 3 wraps among other items, are now 40% OFF! You can either check the shop at Dawanda or -for those that… (READ MORE)

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I’m in the middle of the southern hemisphere’s summer and I am making blankets… woolen blankets. I must be mad. But… friends keep begging for something of mine hanging/laying/covering/adorning their house… so here another blanket. This one is more for… (READ MORE)

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Caro’s Blanket

Not yet done… I still want to add some accents here and there, but what I was working on the other day , is this blanket for my sister. It’s 1,80m long and 1.50m wide. It’s not so much for… (READ MORE)

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Pastel Squares Seed hand bag

Coarse russian wool in camel hair color for the base… merino wool for the squares in lila, light blue, green and white… brow yarn and a rainbow dyed yarn in blue hues make the lins around the squares. It is… (READ MORE)

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Rubies in a spider web Seed handbag

This one is for the brave women out there! The ones that like colorful bags! Red, fuchsia, orange, pink, yellow, white… silk, bamboo, wool, linen…acrylic beads, hand dyed and hand spun yarn.. stitches surrounding the “rubies” which are entangled in… (READ MORE)

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Lily Seed Hand bag: Jewelled.

Someone asked me, when I was introducing the Charcoal Gray Seed Handbag and the Natural Seed Handbag, where was the colour. I’ m known for my very colorful creations… well… fear not. Here it is: This “Jewelled Seed hand bag”… (READ MORE)

Felt, Fibre Art

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Charcoal Grey Lily Seed Handbag

I said there were more to come… well… here is another one: “Charcoal Grey Lily Seed handbag” was wet felted with the softest, lightest merino wool. It is lined with a black cotton fabric.What most women that have seen these… (READ MORE)

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