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I always try to make something for our Christmas tree. Something small, something pretty. This year I made these little tags on porcelain with wishes… I know, what a cliche…peace, love…. yeah. Unfortunately there are many people in the world… (READ MORE)


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Golden Christmas. Already?

What a wake up call I got a few days ago when a lovely returning customer emailed me to ask if i was going to make anything “goldeny” for the christmas season. Bowls, platters… those items that dress a table… (READ MORE)


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Golden holidays

I’ve been running around a lot lately and all of a sudden I stop and realize that we are just a week away from Christmas. I’m, as usual, late with christmas cards and decoration and things like that. So,trying to… (READ MORE)


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magnolia blooming

Eastern assumes a new meaning to me, in these years that I am in the northern hemisphere. It is really the resurrection of nature, whereas before -in the southern hemisphere- it was about the beginning of autumn. I see the… (READ MORE)


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