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Studio Life: Casual glories

Every ceramist or artist has his or her way of working. How tidy or messy your studio is. How you like organizing stuff. How you organize the process of your pieces logistically around the studio or what you do with… (READ MORE)


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New project

It isn’t new that I do a lot of doodling. Or that I post those doodles around here and I also include them in my ceramics. This isn’t a new journey, it’s just a new twist to a life long… (READ MORE)


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A whooole week without blogging. Amazing. I didn’t sit still though. I’m working on some stuff which will be revealed in due time. A have a few shows in April so this months is work work work… Last week was… (READ MORE)

Felt, Green Life

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colores otoñales

coloresotoñales, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. Went to the woods with the camara yesterday. Shot some macros to try to retain some of this beautiful colours seen in the last few leaves still hanging on to the branches. Today I… (READ MORE)


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summertime, originally uploaded by Marian Florcita. Errmmm …another one of those storms… and huge damage. Apparently our little village turned into a lighter version of “Tornado Alley”. Roofs flew, windows got broken, trees snapped in half. Shutting landed at the… (READ MORE)


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Mariana’s multi flavour cake Basic Ingredients: -2 Cups multi-purpose flour -2 teaspoons baking powder -1/2 teaspoon of Bicarbonate -2 Eggs -100gr Unsalted Butter -1 Cup of Sugar -A few drops of vanilla essence -1 cup of Milk Method: First off… (READ MORE)


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Ever  had those days in which everything seems to pile up? And all of a sudden you think….errrmmm how do I make it all happen in these few hours? Hmmmm…. Well, I’m off to Kim in a few hours to… (READ MORE)


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My suitcase is small and I have too much stuff with me.

And we are back. We spent a few days in Bahia Creek. A beautiful beach far away from everything. No running water, no gas, no electricity (well, there is electricity but where we were, there was none!). Eternal white sand… (READ MORE)


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Friday’ s links

Love the drawing in this one. Another simple and to the point from www.wwf.org

Green Life

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Friday’ s links

Because life is not just about felting… well, my life at least. In this household we do a lot of things to try to change the way we think about our life and how it affects the planet. I could… (READ MORE)

Green Life, Uncategorized

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autumn leaves wrap

autumn leaves wrap Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita Autumn… best thing it has: soft light, afternoons in a sunny spot outside, wrapped with your favourite woolly shawl. A cup of tea, a book…. lovely. Note those huge clogs there… my… (READ MORE)

Felt, Fibre Art

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blooming hazel

blooming hazelOriginally uploaded by Marian Florcita Spring is here. Finnally. Sunday, it was sunny and the temperatures went up to 13C! Unbelievable! This was enough for us. We put on our boots and went out to play in the garden…. (READ MORE)


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