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Kunstmarkt in Susteren

And it is time.. just a few more days and I can stop running around thinking of new stuff to bring or make for the Kunstmarkt in Susteren.  I have decided this year, just to make it more exciting (as… (READ MORE)

Ceramics, Doodles

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Almost back to work…

last week of vacations, almost back to work. Doodles.

Doodles, Doodles*Thought

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It’s the summer and finally we get some sunny and warm days. Although my kiln isn’t firing anything these days, I keep working at a lower rate. And to prove this, a collaboration with a food stylist and photographer from… (READ MORE)


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Some photos…

Where does the roof full of snow stop and the sky starts??? everything is white. That is the chimney of my Studio which, since a few days ago, smokes daily. Adonde termina el techo y adonde empieza el cielo? Todo… (READ MORE)

Fibre Art

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Floating drops

Amazing how water “floats” on top of wool until finally it goes through. Wool can absorb something like 20% of it’s weight in water before it feels wet. Not so easy to wet wool! And at the same time, because… (READ MORE)


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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Azul

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: AzulOriginally uploaded by Marian Florcita Azul:Blue. Where I come from, in Argentina, people like painting their houses in bright colors. I could voice different theories such as “that helps bright up your city in winter when everything… (READ MORE)


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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: suitcases

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: suitcases Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita Where are mine? Has anybody been to the attic lately? How many can I take? how many kilos in each?? Yes, suitcases are already starting to cross my mind although Im… (READ MORE)

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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Rainy days

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Rainy days Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita Rainy days indeed… rainy weeks I should say. It’s a very wet autumn so far. Previous years we’ ve had fabulous autumns with warm afternoons and soft lights. Not this… (READ MORE)


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International Year of Natural Fibres- Day of Felt

I don’ t know if you’ ve heard already that this year, 2009, has been declared by the UN as the International Year of Natural Fibres. The goal here is to bring back attention to the 15 most used Natural… (READ MORE)

Felt, Fibre Art

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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: Autumn

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: AutumnOriginally uploaded by Marian Florcita It’ s tuesday again and time for a mosaic with my favorites. It’ s autumn. No denying it anymore. I’ m wearing a cardigan and boots. I love the palette autumn brings…… (READ MORE)


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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: hot air balloons

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: hot ait balloonsOriginally uploaded by Marian Florcita Before I die, I want to see everything from above from a hot air balloon… I see them so colorful floating on ths ky quite often around here and I… (READ MORE)


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Flickr Favorites Tuesday: coral reefs

Flickr Favorites Tuesday: coral reefsOriginally uploaded by Marian Florcita Coral reefs… aren’ t they beautiful…and just so fragile!It’ s sunny and warm here and I’ m still spinning like mad and hopefully tomorrow I will be able to show you… (READ MORE)


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