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{ES, abajo}   Well, must be a first… I haven’t posted anything here for a while. Or checked other blogs. It’s getting increasingly difficult to sit up without feeling the complains from the resident inside of moi… just about 6… (READ MORE)

Dyeing, Felt, Spinning

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Felting is quite a task for me these days… but spinning some gorgeous merino and silk… much more relaxing. I can not sit around doing nothing. So during the day I spin, at night when I sit down to relax,… (READ MORE)

Fibre Art, Spinning

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Everynow and then, when I find time to actually organize my studio… I find things like this: Hand dyed silk, linen, cotton and bamboo. I think I did these last year. Considering the sunny weather, I think I will place… (READ MORE)

Fibre Art, Spinning

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Some photos…

Where does the roof full of snow stop and the sky starts??? everything is white. That is the chimney of my Studio which, since a few days ago, smokes daily. Adonde termina el techo y adonde empieza el cielo? Todo… (READ MORE)

Fibre Art

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