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Give away x 3 -Which color next?

Well, ones computer acting up and going on a strike is really not something one wants. How technology dependant we are! At least us at home.While the technician tries to settle a deal with the bundle of chips and wires… (READ MORE)

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Rubies in a spider web Seed handbag

This one is for the brave women out there! The ones that like colorful bags! Red, fuchsia, orange, pink, yellow, white… silk, bamboo, wool, linen…acrylic beads, hand dyed and hand spun yarn.. stitches surrounding the “rubies” which are entangled in… (READ MORE)

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sweat shop?

…pffffffffff…it’s warm…. warm…warm. See how one complains about how cold it is, rainy and gray? and now it’s 37C, sunny and…. all around sticky… and one still complains!Anyway, hot or not I had to work on some orders. Someone asked… (READ MORE)

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“Fun For Me” Seed Handbag

And continuing with the Seed Handbags saga, here is a new one.Colorful and fun…lots of bright colors. It is hand felted using merino wool and raibow dyed yarn for some details as well as stitched alongside the color bands just… (READ MORE)

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Lily Seed Hand bag: Jewelled.

Someone asked me, when I was introducing the Charcoal Gray Seed Handbag and the Natural Seed Handbag, where was the colour. I’ m known for my very colorful creations… well… fear not. Here it is: This “Jewelled Seed hand bag”… (READ MORE)

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Charcoal Grey Lily Seed Handbag

I said there were more to come… well… here is another one: “Charcoal Grey Lily Seed handbag” was wet felted with the softest, lightest merino wool. It is lined with a black cotton fabric.What most women that have seen these… (READ MORE)

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“Semillas”- Lily Seeds Handbags

“Semillas” means seeds in spanish. When you grow your own veggies, you deal with seeds almost daily. Buying them, seeding, taking care of the seedlingss, gathering seeds for the next year, etc. Besides the veggie patch, we also have a… (READ MORE)

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Coming soon

Coming soon Originally uploaded by Marian Florcita Seed pods yellow green merino seed beads yarn hand dyed hand spun felting, water wool linen fibres blue bamboo shine yarn spinning wet felting florcita…. new. Soon.